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The Aromas of Indian Cuisine

Taj Mahal - MenucardAs a result of its many cultures and religions India also has many culinary faces, and offers a wide and diverse selection of wonderful gastronomic delights. The dishes are defined by their spices, and as every region of the Indian subcontinent possesses different natural resources they have their own unique, typical for the area, mixture of spices. To these belong exactly six flavours that should not be missing from the pleasures of Indian cuisine: bitter, tart, hot, salty, sweet and sour.

In the north of the country (the Punjab), the home of the Tandoori, the finished meal contains cardamom, nuts and saffron. However, in southern India a Madras Curry is more common. Curry dishes are often very hot and usually served with rice. The Bengal cuisine in eastern India is known for its superb fish and crab curries with coconut and yoghurt, as well as for its sweet dishes. The west of India offers an endless variation of fish and shellfish.

Our menu offers you a sophisticated selection of many sided compositions of Indian and Pakistani food – whether mild or hot, well known classics or specialities, that have to be discovered. We will be pleased to advise you if you would like to try something out.


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